Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Can't Go Wrong...

When it comes to some wedding decisions, you know exactly what you want and what will be "your style". 

Other things, however, may be more difficult to decide.  Here are a few wedding fashion choices that you cannot go wrong making...

1.  Wearing natural-colored silk or diamond white.  Not stark white but lighter than ivory, this color will flatter anyone.  It will always look white, but is soft and pretty. 

2.  Choosing a shade of blue for your bridesmaids.  Your friends; blonds, brunettes, and red-heads, will look good in anything between sky blue and navy.  It's also a classic color; which makes it easier to find shoes and other accessories that coordinate well. 

3.  Black tuxes for the gentlemen.  Paired with white shirts and black ties, either bow or long; this classic look will never go out of style and every guy looks fabulous in it!

4.  Add great earrings.  The sparkle of crystals or the shimmer of pearls will bring the attention to your face; right where you want it!

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