Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's worth the money...

Earlier this week, I shared some ideas about wedding fashion choices with which you could not go wrong.

Today, I have some thoughts on getting the most for your wedding dollars; what is worth spending your money on and where you can save.

1.  Buy a gown made of quality fabric and construction.  (Watch for a post later this week with more tips about this).  You don't want crystals popping off your gown before you even begin your walk down the aisle.  And what bride wants to be stuck in a dress with a scratchy lining all day or evening long?  This is the biggest day of your life; even if you only wear a T-shirt and jeans in "real life", it IS important to buy a quality gown that will fit you perfectly and in which you feel beautiful and comfortable.

2.  Get real.  Faux fur is great for your wedding day; faux jewelry is not.  Please do not cheapen your $1000 wedding gown with a $19 necklace from Claire's.  It looks much prettier to purchase a good-quality $500 wedding gown and spend $100 on a pretty necklace made of fresh-water pearls and Swarovski crystals.    (BTW, I have nothing against Claire's or fun, cheap jewelry; it's just not for weddings) 

3.  Buy or borrow a nice veil.  If you are going to wear a veil, wear a good one; made of high-quality tulle and professionally-applied embellishments.  Just like jewelry, I've seen too many beautiful wedding gowns cheapened with a poorly-made veil or a veil made of scratchy tulle that will not lay smoothly.  Since most brides only wear a veil for the ceremony, this is the perfect peice to buy "beautiful and basic" or to borrow from a Mom, sister, or friend.

4.  Don't shy away from the sale rack.  At September's Bride, I make it a priority to stock our sale rack with beautiful, quality gowns in a range of sizes and prices.  There are always some "surprise finds" there, too!  Buying off the sale rack at a full-service bridal boutique is definitely a fabulous way to get the most for your wedding gown dollars.  You'll still get excellent service, a quality gown, and access to the best seamstress and gown care.

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