Monday, May 31, 2010

Pretty Little Somethings

Your perfect "something blue"; a lustrous silk charmeuse garter

The gown, the veil, the jewelry, the SHOES!  Each peice of your bridal ensemble is carefully chosen to coordinate and create your beautiful look for your wedding day.  It is so fun to see the bride for the first time in all her finery.

One of my favorite things that a bride traditionally wears is never really meant to be seen, except by the groom.  It really has no purpose except tradition; but, I love bridal garters!  Little bits of silk and lace, small enough to be totally luxurious or really fun; I think garters are the one piece in which "anything goes".

At September's Bride, the collegiate garters (U of M, Michigan State, Hope College, Calvin College) are very popular.  My favorites are the elegant silk garters.  There are also beautiful garters made of bits of lace and satin in popular wedding gown colors, such as blush and champagne.

Garters make wonderful shower gifts and can be customized in so many ways.