Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's the Quality that Counts!

I was dismayed a few weeks ago when I learned that the famous American designer, Vera Wang, has agreed to sell wedding gown designs to David's Bridal.

As a strong beliver in capitalism and the free enterprise system, I do not wish ill to my competitors, whether other independent bridal boutiques, or the "big stores", like David's or Bridal Warehouse.  But, the same free market system urges me to point out the differences between my products and others. 

David's Bridal does have some beautiful gown designs; and has relationships with other well-known designers, such as Priscilla of Boston and Oleg Cassini. 

However, in my years of cleaning, pressing, and preserving wedding gowns, even before owning a bridal boutique, I continually find wedding dresses and formals from David's to be of inferior quality.  The fabrics are scratchy and stiff and the construction is not as finished as others.  Again, customers who shop at David's are able to see, feel, and try-on the gowns; so the decision to purchase is completely theirs and I only wish them all happiness.

But, back to Vera Wang.  Vera's gowns have always been held up as the epitome of luxury and design in wedding gowns.  Never overly embellished with crystals, pearls, or beads; Vera Wang gowns are stunning because of the fabrics and excellent construction details.  I am dismayed because this partnership seems to "cheapen" her name. 

Most of us only wear one wedding gown during our lifetime.  When shopping for your gown, please take time to shop for quality and learn some of the differences between quality fabrics and construction and those that are mass-produced rather than custom-made for the bride.

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