Thursday, April 29, 2010

A very special weekend!

The Trunk Show gowns from Angelina Couture arrived yesterday and we had such a delightful time unpacking them for display.  If you or someone you know is shopping for a unique, exquisite wedding gown, be sure to visit September's Bride this weekend!  For a personal appointment, call the store at 616-355-1433.

This weekend also begins Tulip Time in Downtown Holland!  There are no parades this Saturday, so driving and parking should not be a problem.  The tulip beds are just perfect right now and Downtown Holland is filled with deals and specials for all of our customers, both local and visitors!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 30 & May 1:: Angelina Couture Trunk Show

Even though the purpose of our recent photo shoot was to highlight pieces from MEG Jewelry's new Fall 2010 line, we had to choose some of our favorite wedding gowns to use, too.  Rachel is wearing a silk ballgown from Angelina Couture's Spring 2010 line.

This weekend, for two days only, we'll be featuring the Fall 2010 Angelina Couture gowns at September's Bride.  The gowns will be specially priced for the Trunk Show; and you'll get to see and try on brand new designs not available anywhere else in Michigan!

Call September's Bride at 616-355-1433 for your personal Trunk Show appointment.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Veils :: Photo Inspirations

I hope you've enjoyed this week's focus on veils on the blog.  Our Jennifer Leigh Wedding Veil Trunk Show continues through Saturday, April 24 at September's Bride.

For the weekend, I want to leave you with some beautiful brides, both real brides and September's Bride models for further veil inspirations.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Veils :: Caring, Cleaning, & Storing

As a Certified Textile Specialist, I would be remiss if I did not include information on caring for wedding veils in any blog series about these special pieces. 

At one of my training sessions for wedding gown preservation, I heard a story about one family and their heirloom veil, worn by 5 generations of brides that they stored in a jar.  Although very unconventional, it worked for them!

My brother's bride wore the veil that I wore on my wedding day. It is a special tie between us. I do not have any daughters, but my brother and sister-in-law just had a baby girl last September. I will keep the veil and offer it to her for her wedding.

Veils can be fragile and once tulle is torn, it cannot be repaired easily or without notice. 

Once crumpled and wrinkled, tulle does not iron or steam completely smooth.

The better quality fabric and details on your veil, the longer it will hold its shape and look beautiful. 

Because veils tend to be one of the pieces of a bridal ensemble that is most likely shared between friends, sisters, and cousins; and also most likely passed from one generation to the next, it makes sense to purchase a quality veil and care for it properly. 

Our gown care and restoration company, Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists, can clean, steam, and properly store your veil for you.  We also frequently whiten heirloom veils and we can dye and repair some veils, also.

If you need to clean a veil and do not have access to a professional, here are some tips:

1.  Fill a sink with lukewarm (never hot) water and add a mild detergent.
2.  Do not crumple or twist the veil, but gently fold it into the water and swish it around. 
3.  Use your finger and additional detergent to gently massage any stains.
4.  Rinse veil under running water and hang to dry.

Never try to iron a veil.  If a veil is wrinkled, it is very difficult to restore it to an unwrinkled state.  In some cases, cleaning it with the above method may help.  Your best solution is to bring it to a gown specialist or a reputable drycleaner and have them try to steam the veil. 

To store a veil, we suggest having it cleaned and preserved with your wedding gown.  We always gently fold veils at the top of the box so that it can be easily retrieved.  After a second wearing, clean the veil and gently fold it back in the preservation box. 

With care, a veil can last through many generations and be a very special tie between brides.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Veils :: Just a Whisper

Sometimes you want to shout and sometimes you want to whisper.

Here, Rachel is modeling a fabulous silk ball gown by Angelina Couture and rockin' the MEG Jewelry.  So, we just wanted a soft accent to make her eyes a focal point.  A diminutive "bird-cage" veil is exactly what is needed here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A bonus post!

I'm going to interrupt this week's blog series about veils to share a photo and link with you.  Last week, I coordinated and styled a photo shoot for MEG Jewelry with the lovely photographer, Amy Carroll.  Amy has put a few of the photos from the shoot up on her blog and I'd love for you to hop over there and show her some love.

Veils :: Framing Your Pretty Face

Besides bridal traditions, I think the best reason to wear a veil is to help bring attention to your beautiful face on your wedding day.  The veil finishes and balances your bridal look. 

The newest way to wear a veil now is on top of your head.  For many years, veils have been worn low, under an updo or elaborate bun.  However, moving that veil to the crown of your pretty head makes you look taller, frames your gorgeous face, and brings the attention to your eyes and your smile. 

In this picture, our SB manager, Rachel, is pictured on her wedding day in September, 2008.  She wore a double cage veil custom-designed by (who else?) Jennifer Leigh.  One layer was shorter than the other, and Rachel used the shorter layer as a blusher at the beginning of her wedding ceremony. 

Another tip when choosing a veil that can help bring the attention to your face is to select the veil color one shade lighter than your gown.  Rachel wore an ivory and champagne wedding gown, and chose a light ivory veil, which just helped her face glow!

Veils :: Russian Tulle

Russian tulle is popular in wedding veils and hairpieces now; and it is a fun and refreshing change if you are looking for something different in your wedding veil.

A few years ago, the "birdcage" veil became popular.  This small, face veil is still popular, but russian tulle is showing up in all shapes and sizes of veils.  Here, Rachel is wearing a double layer, shoulder length veil made of russian tulle. 

Our veil designer, Jennifer Leigh, is mixing traditional veiling and russian tulle in many of her veils and I am loving the textural differences that this brings. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Veils :: Go All The Way!

My wedding photographer friends tell me that they absolutely love it when a bride wears a long veil, because the photos that they can capture are so fun and beautiful. 

Whether you're wanting tradition or drama, you can achieve either with a floor-length veil.  In these photos, Tiffany is wearing the "Chapel" veil by Jennifer Leigh. 

My favorite suggestion to brides who want to wear a long veil for the ceremony is to have the veil designed with the tulle attached to the comb with velcro.  After the ceremony, take the long tulle off and attach a short fly-away veil for the reception.  So fun!!!

Veils :: Color!

This week, we're talking Wedding Veils each day on the blog!

Our Jennifer Leigh Wedding Veil Trunk Show began this past weekend and continues through this Saturday, April 24.  We have nearly over two dozen new veils and even more fabulous hair- and head-pieces on display for you to handle, try-on, and enjoy this week.  Of course, we're also giving you a discount on all Jennifer Leigh pieces all week long. 

Once or twice a day this week, I'm going to share a few photos and veil ideas with you.

Inspired by a photo like this, one of our brides asked us to dye a birdcage veil to a pretty peacock blue for her fall wedding.  I was so excited at the result, that September's Bride will be showing more colored veils and will be happy to dye a veil for you. 

For more information and to discuss your dreams of a colored wedding veil, call or e-mail the store for an appointment with Tami. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking for a Tuxedo for Prom?

It's just about Prom Time here in the West Michigan area!  If you're looking for a tux for prom, either for yourself, your date, or your son; you've found the place at September's Bride.  Located right downtown Holland, just across from JP's Coffee shop, we have the latest in trendy tuxes for prom at great prices.

Getting fitted for your tux takes just minutes and we only require a $50 deposit; the balance will be due when you pick up your tux on Prom weekend.  The tux will be due back at our store the following Monday. 

For your convenience, we are open each day until 5:00 pm; we are open until 8:00 pm on Thursdays.  Our Saturday hours are 10 am - 4 pm.  If these times do not work for you, gather a group of friends and call for a group appointment.  (616-355-1433) We'll meet you and your friends outside of business hours if there are at least 4 guys renting tuxedos.

What are this year's trends for Prom tuxes?  Bold and bright colors...white jackets...80's Retro...there's a look for each guy; and we've got your look at September's Bride.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You want more Angelina Couture? You've got it!

This past January, we had one of our most successful Trunk Shows when we introduced Angelina Couture's  beautiful bridal gowns to West Michigan.

The designer, Angela Padron, has new gowns for Fall 2010 and has offered us an exclusive look at them later this month.  The gowns will be arriving on April 29 and will be in the store April 29, 30, and May 1.

If you are looking for the finest in design, fabrics, and quality; you will love Angelina Couture.  The gowns are all of the most beautiful silk fabrics with feminine lines and fun details.

Make your appointment right away for this Trunk Show; call September's Bride at 616-355-1433 or e-mail us by clicking here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Guest Blogger :: Non-Traditional Bridal Bouquets

Here is another guest blog post from the fabulous Michelle Torno of Memorable Events.

Michelle has had over six years of experience in West Michigan wedding planner and Day-of Coordination.  She tells me that her favorite part of working with a wedding couple is seeing everything come together on the wedding day and all the details sparkle and shine.

Michelle is well-organized and has some great and unique ideas. Definitely someone I would want managing the details on my special day!

When it comes to weddings, as of late, there is nothing that is left being untouched by the non-traditional stick. Among the current trends that I love such as colored shoes and hair accessories instead of veils is the use of non-traditional bridal bouquets.

I'm so glad that brides don't feel like they have to have a bouquet of white flowers just because they are the bride. I love when a bride carries a brightly colored bouquet, it pops against her dress and looks amazing in pictures. And I especially love when brides stray away from the traditional flowers of roses and calla lilies and go for something more outside of the box.

Here are some ideas for bridal bouquets if you are looking for something a little more trendy and a little less traditional.


This bouquet has amazing texture made up of cockscomb, dahlias, coneflowers, scabiosa pods and muted mixed greens.

Bridal Bouquet: Visual Lyrics, Round Rock, TX

This gorgeous bouquet is made by grouping of blooms, including tulips, dahlias and roses.

Bridal Bouquet: Prive Floral, Austin, TX

This amazing bouquet is Black Magic roses, plum calla lilies, deep-red peonies, ranunculus and cymbidium orchids.

Bridal Bouquet: Daniel Events, Delray Beach, FL


FEATHERS!!! This is so fun and flirty. You can purchase this bouquet here on Etsy.

Wheat! What a perfect bouquet for a fall harvest themed wedding.

Now this one is an amazing DIY bouquet made from BUTTONS! How adorable is this! What a great way to tie in your theme.

Be creative with the types of flowers you use in your bouquet, use lots of texture or bold colors. And even go non-floral if you feel so inclined! It's your big day, express yourself in every aspect of it.

I'm sure you've enjoyed this short series of non-traditional ideas from Michelle.  Stay tuned and there will be more opportunities to get great ideas from her throughout this summer bridal season.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guest Blogger :: Non-Traditional Unity Ceremonies

I want to introduce you to Michelle Torno, wedding planner and owner of Memorable Events by Michelle.  Michelle will be guest blogging for the September's Bride blog this week.

Her topics that she is sharing have to do with enjoying some wedding traditions in a non-traditional manner.  For example, I love what the unity candle tradition represents.  However, in some venues or for some couples, candles just are not wanted nor practical.  Today, Michelle is sharing a few ideas for non-traditional unity ceremonies that you might want to consider for your wedding.

I love to see couples doing unique things for their unity ceremonies, aside from the traditional candle ceremony. Two of my current favorites are the sand ceremony and the tree planting ceremony; both of these are especially nice for an outdoor ceremony.

For the sand ceremony you have one main container that starts out empty, in the end you will use this container as a keepsake. Both the bride and the groom have separate containers full of sand, two different colors make it look very nice. The keepsake container can be any sort of vase or glass container, I have even seen it done using a frame (see picture below). Some couples have their parents initially pour a little of each sand in the main container and then during the unity ceremony the couple will each pour their sand in. The combining of these sands symbolizes the coming together of two lives.

The tree planting ceremony is, well exactly what it sounds like, planting a tree. The couple would have a container with soil to place the seedling in. There are a few different ways you could do the actual planting, totally up to the couple. One idea would be to have the groom place the soil in and the bride the tree or vice versa. Another would be to each pour in a little soil and then together add the seedling, if done this way the parents could be involved as well by each adding a little soil to the container. This tree will represent the time and care it takes to grow and development a healthy marriage and it is something you could keep forever. Just remember to water it and love it every day...both the tree and the marriage!

In a few days, Michelle will be sharing her ideas for non-traditional wedding bouquets.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mission Statement :: Braeden & Tiffany

If you have followed our blog or visited our store, you may have met Tiffany, the lovely model above.  Tiffany worked at September's Bride until this past January, when she and her husband, Braeden, moved to Bolivia to help her parents in their mission work in that country.

The Mission Statement for September's Bride speaks to how we are called to serve our community and our customers.  Braeden and Tiffany have been called to serve the poor in Bolivia and we wholeheartedly support and pray for them.

Tiffany has started a blog which I want to share with our readers.  Check out the blog and follow Braeden and Tiffany as they fulfill their mission statement.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Month :: Bridal Veil Trunk Show from Jennifer Leigh

We are now accepting appointments for our Bridal Veil Trunk Show, featuring veils by fabulous designer, Jennifer Leigh.

I encourage you to schedule your personal veil appointment by calling September's Bride at 616-355-1433.  Appointment with a veil consultant are available on two Saturdays, April 17 and April 24.  The veils will also be available for viewing the week between these dates.  Veils ordered at the Trunk Show will be priced at 10%-20% off the regular retail price.

There will be dozens of new veils to see and  try.  Small little birdcage headpieces, traditional veils with a modern twist, and long cathedral-length mantillas; have some fun exploring the possibilities.

Appointments always fill up quickly for our Trunk Shows, so if you are interested, call the store today at 616-355-1433.