Thursday, January 3, 2008

Photo Shoot in the Snow

Yesterday, while I was still on my romantic mini-vacation with my husband (see previous post), I received a phone call from Steve Fox of Steven Fox Photography. Steve had this crazy idea about doing a photo shoot on the beach at Holland State Park - today - in the snow! Well, I've been at some bridal shows with Steve and knew that he knew what he was doing, crazy as it might sound.

Crazier still, I volunteered my lovely assistant, Rachel, to be his model. My conversation with her went something like this:

Me: Rach, would you like to be involved in a photo shoot tomorrow?
R: Sure, you mean help with the styling, or take the photos???
Me: No, I mean be the model.
R: Well, I guess so, sounds like fun.
Me: Great! The only catch is...
R: What? It can't be hard, can it?
Me: Well...Crazy Steve wants you to go out to the State Park in just a wedding gown and pose for pictures in the snow.
R: Yikes! Can I wear my boots?

Yes, Rachel did wear her boots, and she did get cold, but look at these amazing shots! For more, check out Steven's blog.

Gown: Casablanca; available at September's Bride
Model: Rachel K.
Photographer: Steven Fox
Stylist: Tami Parks


aletha @ pearls events said...

SWEET! Love the photos, Rachel!

b103jane said...

Wow Rachel! You look beautiful! America's next TOP Model! Watch out Tyra! lol!