Monday, January 28, 2008

Introducing our Vendors

For the next few days, I want to tell you about the other vendors that you'll see at our Open House on February 7; 6-8 pm.

Barry Jeter from Procedo Events will be doing the flowers and decor for the evening. Barry is a creative genius when it comes to floral pieces and decorating!

When he and I spoke recently about his business, he told me that he has done weddings where he provided only a bridal bouquet and also events where he has done thousands in floral centerpieces alone. Whatever the size of wedding or budget you have, Barry will give you his best!

Barry spends alot of time with his clients, discussing what they like, and then seeing how that will fit into a venue. He is very honest, and will tell you if an idea won't work, but then he will always offer an alternative plan.

When I opened September's Bride, Barry brought me a huge bouquet of fresh flowers, with the sweetest-smelling roses. That bouquet lasted for over a week and never looked tired. I know he uses the best stems he can find!

You won't want to miss seeing what he is going to do at the Open House!

September's Bride...a fresh approach to formal.

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