Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gown Shopping 101

Over the next week, I want to share some gown-shopping tips with you. Shopping for a wedding dress is a big deal -whether it's your first or second wedding; whether your ceremony is formal, in a church, or informal, on a beach. You want to enjoy the process, not get stressed out about it!

I've shopped for a gown myself, altered gowns, cleaned gowns, planned weddings, and helped many women find THE ONE. So, here are some of my best tips:

1. Plan to visit NO MORE than three shops in a day. You'll get tired and confused after that.
2. Take one or two people along with you. Again, more than this, and it can be difficult. Once you find one or two gowns that you really like, you can bring a few friends back for a second look. YOU need to choose your dress, one that YOU love and YOU feel great in. Too many opinions will leave you confused. (And everyone will have an opinion)
3. Eat a good breakfast, and take a coffee break between shops on "Dress-Shopping Day". This allows you to slow down and think about each dress that you like, rather than having a marathon day in which they can all start to look alike.
4. Keep an open mind. Humor your mother and the saleslady; try on a few gowns that they suggest, too. Gowns can look so much different on your body than on the hanger.
5. Don't be intimidated, but be gracious. At September's Bride, we want our brides to ask questions about the gowns, the designer, and more. We love to help you as much as we can. But, on a busy day, we are often helping several customers at a time. Be understanding if a saleslady steps away or seems a little hurried. Watch and listen to other brides. You may see someone else trying a gown that you want to try! You may overhear someone discussing their florist or bakery; perhaps you'll get a great contact.

Again, relax and enjoy the process. Most locally-owned shops, like September's Bride, want to provide you with excellent service and will help you find a beautiful gown that fits you beautifully. Have fun!

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aletha @ pearls events said...

great post, Tami. I'm going to link to it on my blog...I want all brides to read this :)