Saturday, December 15, 2007

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

...September's Bride has for you...

Six Weeks for Cleaning
Five Lines to Choose From!
Four Gorgeous Maid's Gowns
Three Flower Girl Dresses
Two Dedicated Consultants
and the Perfect Gown for your Bridal Debut!

I'm excited about sharing today's highlighted service with you because it is what introduced me to the bridal business.

Have you thought about what you'll be doing with your gown AFTER the wedding? Of course, right now the TTD trend is fun and popular, and may remain so - there are some great photos out there! Even after you've had the photos and worn the gown a time or two, there will probably be a time when you put it away and return to real life.

We put so much time and care into choosing a gown, then enjoy choosing accessories, having all of the alterations finished, carefully transporting it home and then keeping it safe until the BIG DAY. However, after the wedding, I've seen gowns that were attacked the family pet, because it had been left lying on the floor.

So, let me urge you to carefully consider having your gown preserved by our company, Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists.

As a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, I personally clean each gown and then it is carefully packaged in acid-free materials right at our store. Your gown is handled only by our staff, and you don't have to send it off to "who-knows-where"; keep it right here in West Michigan! And, yes, you CAN open the box, inspect your gown, and show it off safely.

For more information, feel free to visit in person or send me an e-mail. There is also a very good video at the Assocation of Wedding Gown Specialists' website.

Merry Christmas!

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