Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On The Second Day of Christmas...

...September's Bride has for you...

Two Dedicated Consultants

and the Perfect Gown for your Bridal Debut

The two consultants refer to our Couture Service. This service includes:

1. Delivery of your Gown to the church or ceremony location
2. Your own personalized gown consultant/stylist/attendant to help you and your maids as you dress for the wedding.
3. Our availability for last-minute adjustments, quick repairs, and veil adjustments.

This service gives you peace of mind and a relaxed atmosphere before your wedding and pictures. If someone's hem comes out or needs a quick fix on her gown, we'll be there. We will be sure everyone, including Moms, flower girls, maids, and The Bride looks her best.

We only schedule one wedding a day for Couture Service, so reserve your date right away.

More information at our shop - see you soon!

Merry Christmas

1 comment:

aletha @ pearls events said...

What an amazing service, Tami! I know I could have used someone at my wedding!