Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Veils :: Framing Your Pretty Face

Besides bridal traditions, I think the best reason to wear a veil is to help bring attention to your beautiful face on your wedding day.  The veil finishes and balances your bridal look. 

The newest way to wear a veil now is on top of your head.  For many years, veils have been worn low, under an updo or elaborate bun.  However, moving that veil to the crown of your pretty head makes you look taller, frames your gorgeous face, and brings the attention to your eyes and your smile. 

In this picture, our SB manager, Rachel, is pictured on her wedding day in September, 2008.  She wore a double cage veil custom-designed by (who else?) Jennifer Leigh.  One layer was shorter than the other, and Rachel used the shorter layer as a blusher at the beginning of her wedding ceremony. 

Another tip when choosing a veil that can help bring the attention to your face is to select the veil color one shade lighter than your gown.  Rachel wore an ivory and champagne wedding gown, and chose a light ivory veil, which just helped her face glow!

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