Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guest Blogger :: Non-Traditional Unity Ceremonies

I want to introduce you to Michelle Torno, wedding planner and owner of Memorable Events by Michelle.  Michelle will be guest blogging for the September's Bride blog this week.

Her topics that she is sharing have to do with enjoying some wedding traditions in a non-traditional manner.  For example, I love what the unity candle tradition represents.  However, in some venues or for some couples, candles just are not wanted nor practical.  Today, Michelle is sharing a few ideas for non-traditional unity ceremonies that you might want to consider for your wedding.

I love to see couples doing unique things for their unity ceremonies, aside from the traditional candle ceremony. Two of my current favorites are the sand ceremony and the tree planting ceremony; both of these are especially nice for an outdoor ceremony.

For the sand ceremony you have one main container that starts out empty, in the end you will use this container as a keepsake. Both the bride and the groom have separate containers full of sand, two different colors make it look very nice. The keepsake container can be any sort of vase or glass container, I have even seen it done using a frame (see picture below). Some couples have their parents initially pour a little of each sand in the main container and then during the unity ceremony the couple will each pour their sand in. The combining of these sands symbolizes the coming together of two lives.

The tree planting ceremony is, well exactly what it sounds like, planting a tree. The couple would have a container with soil to place the seedling in. There are a few different ways you could do the actual planting, totally up to the couple. One idea would be to have the groom place the soil in and the bride the tree or vice versa. Another would be to each pour in a little soil and then together add the seedling, if done this way the parents could be involved as well by each adding a little soil to the container. This tree will represent the time and care it takes to grow and development a healthy marriage and it is something you could keep forever. Just remember to water it and love it every day...both the tree and the marriage!

In a few days, Michelle will be sharing her ideas for non-traditional wedding bouquets.

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