Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Modern Colors :: Grey & Yellow

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In my eyes, there are two ways to do bold color combinations for your wedding: 1. subtle and 2. fearless. Doing this half-way can leave your guests wondering "does that really go together?"

Today, we're going to consider the hot color combo of grey and yellow.

The subtle bride could choose buttercup yellow dresses for her maids and sterling grey tuxes for the guys. Accessorize the tuxes with soft yellow vests and a striped tie in shades of grey and yellow. The bridal gown can stay traditional, perhaps with a light silver sash. If you want your Moms to coordinate with your wedding party, let them choose from shades of grey, ranging from a light oyster to pewter, platinum, or charcoal, and carry a fabulous yellow satin clutch. This look would be especially beautiful for winter and spring weddings.

Ready for something bolder? Start with you and your groom. Silver and platinum wedding gowns are all over the runways! Put him and the guys in charcoal tuxedos. For a modern, trendy look, skip the vests and find a tie for your groom in the same shade as your gown. The other guys can wear solid marigold-yellow ties. Your maids can also dress in marigold gowns, while the flower girl wears a lighter shade of yellow. For Moms, soloists, or readers; trendy, modern women can definitely do black, while the more traditional could choose pastel shades of yellow. For accessories, metallic silver all the way! This bolder look would be wonderful for summer and fall weddings.

Tomorrow, I am going to make some suggestions on the color combination of pink & orange.

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