Wednesday, September 3, 2008

when to buy?

Photo by Steven F. Fox

Bridal Season '09 begins in just nine months! Of course, some of you may be getting married in the last months of '08 or the first months of '09. If you have not already decided on a wedding gown, now is the time!

I am often asked "when should I order my gown?" or "how long does it take for a wedding gown to come in?"

Here are a few guidelines:

Most wedding gowns will arrive at the store 3-4 months after ordering the gown. You should leave 2 months for ordering accessories and having fittings. Therefore, we suggest ordering a custom gown no later than 5-6 months before your wedding.

If you are ordering a gown with custom changes, or from a couture line (such as our Lila Couture gowns), you should plan on at least six months for the gown to arrive. Using the above timetable, you should order your gown 8-12 months before your wedding.

Sometimes gowns will arrive early, but most are "right on time"! Of course, most gown designers have a "rush program", but this will cost you a significant fee, such as $100-$200.

We also have a nice selection of sample gowns which are available for sale right "off-the-rack" at all times!

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