Friday, September 12, 2008

what a lovely night!

The rain stopped this evening in time for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The wedding we have all been waiting for went off without a hitch; and now Rachel & Mauricio are "hitched".

Steven Fox took the photographs, and I will post some of his pro shots tomorrow. For now, here are some snapshots that I took:

"I'm going to Hawaii on my honeymoon!"

Beautiful Windmill Island

The flower girls, Paulina & Valerina

All the plans came together perfectly and the wedding was beautiful. Rachel surprised Mauricio by singing a song to him before the vows. The guests enjoyed the venue; and all had a great time!

Steve Fox has promised me some professional shots tomorrow; and I will share more details. Right now, I'm exhausted!

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aletha :: pearls events said...

Rachel was a GORGEOUS bride! I cannot wait to see the pro-photos. Glad it was a fun night, Tami.