Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jewelry Girls or Jewelry, Girls?

I hate to admit this, but I've never been a "jewelry girl". It's not that I did not wear jewelry, because I certainly did, it's just that it was more of an afterthought, not an integral part of my style.

I loved to wear my diamond pendant that I received from my grandparents for college graduation, or the ruby and diamond studs that my parents gave me for my 30th birthday. If I needed a quick fix for a "blah" outfit, I would often visit the Target clearance rack for something cheap and trendy. I liked classic, "safe" accessories.

But...two major events happened over the past month that have begun to change me into a "jewelry girl"!

First, Rachel chose a beautiful necklace and earrings from MEG Jewelry to wear on her wedding day with her Lila Couture gown. Now, Rachel's gown was absolutely beautiful. Dupioni silk...beautiful embroidery and beadwork...just gorgeous. But, when she put her jewelry on, her whole look, from head to toe, came "alive"! I could not stop looking at her. The right jewelry made a beautiful bride look absolutely breathtaking.

This past weekend, we had a trunk show with Meg Lammers herself from MEG Jewelry. (the most fun weekend EVER at September's Bride!) As I saw bride after bride put on her wedding gown for Meg and then watched Meg adorn them with jewelry, the same thing happened that had happened with Rachel. Beautiful gowns just "popped" with the right accessories. Authentic Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, and great design worked together to create magic right in front of the mirrors!

The thing works with "normal" clothes, too. Each day, Meg graciously allowed me to wear jewelry around the store, and change as often as I wanted. I had so much fun changing the look of my simple red dress as the day went on.

So, I am now a "jewelry girl"!!! Sure, I'll still wear my sentimental pieces listed above, but I will no longer play it safe - I want to sparkle and glow! Give me big, bold pearls...give me colored crystals...give me bracelets that catch the light...let me feel feminine and sexy...thanks, Meg!

September's Bride...a fresh approach to formal.

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Lisa Stone said...

Now you see the attachment I have! Glad to hear that your weekend was a success!