Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pretty in Pink; Lovely in Lace; need I say more?

This is one of my two favorite gowns that I saw at the Bridal Market this past weekend. It's from the Spring 2008 Lila Couture line and I'm the FIRST BRIDAL BOUTIQUE in the whole country to get this sample gown!!

We saw it on a hanger and thought it was great. When it got to the shop today, Rachel put it on and WOW!

I'm a traditional girl, but I just love this pink gown. It is crushed silk taffeta with aleceon lace and beading. The detachable train (not pictured) is so fun.

Want to see it in person? Try it on? It will be at our salon through our Open House next Thursday, then off to New York it goes. can order one and make it your own!

We can see this with ivory maids gowns. We also put a darker shade of rose next too it and really liked the effect. For an evening wedding, you could even do black dresses on your maids. You would be THE STAR.


Pearls Events said...

Amazing gown! Can't wait to see it in person and if I were still shopping for a dress, this would be one I'd put on :) Rachel looks lovely!

Amy Carroll said...

This gown is simply Fabulous! I, too, would wear this gown. Beautiful!