Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hablamos Espanol

Un pocito! Pero, tenemos vestidos de novia muchos bonitos!

Actually, I am referring to the new line from Spain, Novissima. Gowns from this line will be appearing at September's Bride in December and we are so excited. In the same price point as our Lila Couture line, Novissima gowns are a little unique, but still traditional enough for our Midwest sensibilities. You will love these gowns!


daisyjean said...

Wow, I check out the designers website... the dresses are so unique and fabulous!

Belle Fleur said...

Tami, what a beautiful blog you have created! Next time I'm out towards Holland (which happens on occasion--I'm a Hope College alum) I'll definitely drop in to introduce myself and leave you a business card. Your store looks lovely!

pearls events said...

Love that dress!