Monday, September 13, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Several months ago, Julie and her mom, Sue, came to September's Bride to meet with Tami & Sherry about restoring Sue's wedding gown for Julie to wear for her wedding.  Unfortunately, Sue's gown was unable to be restored completely.  So, we all worked together on Plan B.

Julie purchased a beautifully-constructed but very simple gown by Lila Couture.  Our seamstress, Sherry, then carefully removed lace from Sue's gown and used it to re-design and embellish the new gown.  This gave Julie her own perfect gown, mixing the modern simplicity that she desired with the tradition of wearing her Mom's lace.  She also had our veil designer attach more of her Mom's lace to a veil to make an absolutely gorgeous mantilla to wear with the gown.

Here is Julie at her final fitting.

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