Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vintage-Style Wedding :: How to do it!

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I love vintage wedding gowns! In fact, I have a personal collection of nearly a dozen wedding gowns, the oldest is from the 1890's. My favorite era to collect is the "New Look" era; from the 1940's and 1950's.

Occasionally, we will have brides come into the store and use our restoration service through Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists to restore their mother's, aunt's, or even grandmother's gown so that they can wear it for their own wedding.

When SB's own lovely Rachel got married last summer, she wore a new wedding gown, her maids had vintage-inspired gowns, and her mini-bride wore the dress that Rachel had worn as a little girl in her aunt's wedding! I used my parent's cake-topper at my wedding reception, but restyled the plastic bride's dress!

Unless you are planning a true "period wedding", limit the vintage items and details to a few truly fabulous ones. If you are wearing a vintage gown, choose new accessories and dress your maids in a new style.

Our veil designer, Jennifer Leigh, will take a vintage veil and attach it to a new headpeice for you. You can find beautiful bridal jewelry in softly colored crystals that will really complement a vintage gown.

Think about using vintage items in new ways. Use your grandmother's brooch on your bouquet or your cake. You could have a ring-bearer's pillow made out of your christening gown or another favorite dress you wore as a child.

If you want to plan a vintage-style wedding and need some guidance, we would be happy to share other ideas with you and be sure all the elements come together in a pleasing way. Just call for an appointment with Tami or Rachel!

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