Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bridal Season 2009 Begins!

Some of our 2008 Brides!
Rachel, Heather, Lisa, & Daisy

Of course, brides and grooms plan weddings all year round...but, here in West Michigan, those of us in the bridal industry consider "Bridal Season" as mid-May through October.

During bridal season, you will find me pressing wedding gowns, bridesmaid, and mother's dresses almost every Wednesday and Thursday morning. Thursdays are "pickup days" at September's Bride. On Fridays, I begin preparing the gowns that are scheduled for pickup the next week.

Almost every wedding gown that goes out from our store is pressed by me. I feel that this is a final gift that I can give each bride. I learned to press wedding gowns at the age of 15, in my parents' drycleaners. My Mom was the expert and patiently taught me!

After your gown has been pressed and you pick it up from the store, I suggest taking it home, removing it from the garment bag, and hanging it in a safe place (where no children or pets can reach it). Let your train hang loose so that the weight of the gown keeps it from wrinkling. When transporting it to your ceremony site, place it back in the garment bag. Remove it again from the bag once you've arrived in your dressing room. Most gowns are not fragile, but they will benefit from some TLC in the days and hours leading up to your wedding.

September's Bride...a fresh approach to formal.

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