Monday, June 16, 2008

Wear a Vintage Gown?

Of course, at September's Bride, we have gorgeous new couture and custom gowns from some of the best designers.

Some brides, however, may have their hearts set on wearing an older gown, such as their mother's, grandmother's, or aunt's wedding gown.

This gown was whitened and restyled for a modern bride.

Jackie, a lovely woman from Chicago, will be wearing her mother's gown when she marries on June 28. Lisa, a bride from the area, will be meeting with me tomorrow to try on her aunt's gown that she hopes to wear this December.

What is old is new again, and our "parent" company, Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists, LLC, can help make a vintage gown into your dream wedding dress.

This gown is in the process of being restyled. It is shown with a hand-knit mohair shrug.

If you think this option might be for you, here are some things to consider:

1. Have an open mind. Some areas of lace and fine fabrics may not have held up to time or improper storage. Also, a gown may not "restyle" into exactly what you are picturing.

2. Use a specialist. Do not attempt to whiten or alter a special gown on your own. At the very least, have a consultation with a Wedding Gown Specialist or an experienced bridal seamstress to gain their input.

3. Have realistic goals. Most of the time, restoring and restyling a gown can cost almost as much as purchasing a new gown. It is not necessarily a money-saving project. Be willing to spend more time in fittings and consultations. Also, when finished, it is still a vintage gown, complete with blemishes and possible stains. A specialist will minimize these as much as possible, but they are part of any vintage gown.

4. Have fun. Although not for the faint of heart, wearing a family gown is an experience that is special and honoring to the previous bride or brides that have worn the gown. Enjoy being a part of the gown's history.

5. Store it properly for the next generation. After you wear the gown, have it cleaned and preserved to be enjoyed again.

If you are interested in a consultation regarding your vintage gown, please call Tami at 616-355-1433 or 616-283-2995. You may also send an e-mail to

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Very pretty shrug!

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Vintage gowns are gorgeous!

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