Saturday, June 28, 2008

Loving It!

We are in the middle of our fabulous first wedding season!

At September's Bride, Thursday is "pickup day"; when most gowns and tuxedos are picked up for that weekend's weddings. We enjoy Thursdays so much!

If you are an SB bride, please e-mail or bring us a snapshot from your wedding. We would love to show these on the blog and/or in the store.

This weekend, we congratulate:

Jackie - she wore her mother's gown, which we restored & restyled

Rita - added her own mantilla from Mexico to a gorgeous silk tissue-taffeta ball-gown

Kara - wore simple, informal gown that our seamstress designed for her

Heather - found a gorgeous Casablanca gown that suited her so well!

Dynl - another Casablanca gown; this one in beautiful lace

Laura - her gown was silk satin; breathtaking!

September's Bride... a fresh approach to formal!

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