Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You!

I'm so honored to read another great review from a happy Mom & bride.

September's Bride did a wonderful job for us. My daughter decided to wear my 1980 wedding gown. It had been carefully preserved but needed remaking. Sherry (alterations) did a fabulous job. The dress was mine initially but she made it look updated with a timeless classic look - it was now my daughters. They also did alterations on my daughter's reception gown and my MOB gown. We are so pleased. We took advantage of September's Bride's Couture service and we're so pleased! I would highly recommend to anyone having a wedding - don't shop anywhere else.  ...Jan

 I remember when Jan and her daughter Rachel came in for their first appointment with Sherry and myself.  We had so much fun imagining the possibilities of re-styling the beautiful gown from 1980.  (...a shameless plug here to be sure you have us preserve your wedding gown!)  Rachel had a definite vision for her wedding and I am so honored that September's Bride was part of her wedding day!


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