Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Not Too Late for Expert Help!

This post was originally posted on our EVENTS by September's Bride blog by our Lead Planner, Michelle Torno.

When you hear the words "Wedding Planner" you may think of someone who comes in and plans your wedding from beginning to end. That can be true, but most often Wedding Planners/Coordinators are hired to assist a bride that just needs some additional assistance on the wedding day to ensure that the wedding couple's plans and dreams come together perfectly.

It is never too late in your engagement to hire someone to help you. It is normal for couples to start feeling a lot of pressure from the wedding in last few months. Bringing a Coordinator on board to help you finalize the details of the decor, review and confirm your vendor contracts and run the logisitcs on the day of your wedding can relieve a lot of stress for everyone involved. At EVENTS by September's Bride, we include unlimited email and phone calls with all of our packages; this ensures communication but also helps the bride when she has questions on anything from etiquette to seating charts.

In the West Michigan area, there are many brides that are DIY savvy and enjoy working on the details of their wedding. This is wonderful during the planning process but can be a downfall on the wedding day. On your wedding day you should not be worrying that everything is being taken care of from decor set up to vendor arrivials. A bride and her entourage should be getting their hair done and having a wonderful breakfast or luncheon! This is where a Day Of Coordinator could assist, we come in and do all of the set up, run the logisitcs for the day and stay until the clean up from the reception is complete.

So  whether your wedding is 18 months or 2 weeks away, consider hiring a Coordinator to help you throughout the process and on your big day. The investment in your sanity is definitely worth it :)

We would be happy and honored to help you in any way.  You may contact Michelle at or

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liz said...

I, for one, am VERY grateful to have hired you! :) Thanks so much Michelle!