Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Months

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A few weeks ago, the topic was choosing your wedding month and I shared how the reasons for choosing wedding dates has changed over time and also ranked the months in popularity for weddings.

I also asked the readers to share the story of their wedding month and why it was chosen. Here are a few of these stories.

From Elisabeth...

Kris and I got engaged March 17, 2010 and during that time my Dad had lost his job, my Mom was not working, and Kris' Dad had a business that was not doing well, so we were hurting financially all the way around. Kris and I are young, and we both had good jobs, but he couldn't pay for a wedding alone quickly either. So, although we didn't want to have a long engagment, we just had to for financial reasons. So, we knew we had to be engaged at least a year... so a year would have put us in March 2011, but I think March is just nasty and then my brother graduates from High School May 2011, so my Mom asked that we didn't do it in the spring, and June was close after his graduation and already too much happens in our family in June... so July 9 it is! We thought about waiting til the fall, but then that seemed like too long of a wait.
Plus, I just love Summer! and camping...

From Anne...

We were married May 5th, 1990 – over 20 years ago.

I’m Canadian, and John is American. The immigration process took 6 months for me to be approved, and when that happened, we had a 90 day window to get married. We had no idea when that 90 days would be, so nothing was planned until I was approved. We put it all together in a month and a half. Finding a location still available at the last minute was the deciding factor in picking the date.

Luckily, I was able to find a beautiful dress off the rack that fit perfectly & didn’t require any alterations.

Our wedding was very simple, but lots of fun.

We’re still happy & in love.

From Melanie...

I'm always surprised at the number of summer weddings - who wants to get all dressed up when it's in the 80's? We got married in early Dec. - my grandmother's birthday, actually. Fall weddings make the most sense to me, however.

What is your story??

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