Monday, December 27, 2010

What is a Trunk Show?

December 30 through January 8 is our Trunk Show featuring the 2011 gowns from Angelina Bridal Couture.

What is a Trunk Show?

Most bridal boutiques carry a few carefully chosen gowns from each of their designers or manufacturers.  A Trunk Show is when a designer will send a much larger selection of their gowns for a limited amount of time. Usually, the newest and the most popular gowns are included.  It is called a "Trunk Show" because this collection of gowns will travel from store to store in a "trunk" (more likely to be boxes in our modern age).

At September's Bride, we offer 2-3 bridal gown trunk shows a year, along with a trunk show featuring bridal veils in April, and our ever-popular jewelry trunk shows with Meg Lammers in March and April.

Appointments are always recommended for the gown trunk shows and we also offer a discount on bridal gowns from the featured designer during the trunk show dates. 

We would love to show off the gorgeous Angelina Bridal Couture gowns to you this week and next!  Angelina gowns are from an American designer, hand-tailored in the finest silks and laces.  Not heavily embellished, designer Angela Padron prefers to let the fabric and design be the focal point for her wedding gowns. Classic but modern at the same time, these are some of our favorite gowns at September's Bride!

And...September's Bride is the only bridal boutique in Michigan where you can find these fabulous gowns.

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