Friday, February 26, 2010

Behind the Scenes at September's Bride

I want to give you a glimpse into the things that make September's Bride a delightful place to shop.  Each payday, I write a short newsletter to share with my fabulous employees.  I share ideas, events, and just fun bits of information.  This week, I shared with them five things that we, the September's Bride team, can do to help our brides have the best wedding gown shopping experience possible.

1.  Keep the store impeccably clean.
2.  Greet each visitor properly.
3.  Follow up and answer questions promptly.
4.  Schedule appointments carefully.
5.  Give each customer a memorable experience.

As I shared with my team, not every bride will find their "perfect gown" at September's Bride.  There are thousands of wedding gowns designed and manufactured each year, and we can only carry a sampling of these.  However, we can strive to give each customer a "perfect experience" at September's Bride.  This is our goal!  Of course, we also think that most of you may just find that "perfect gown" at our store, too :)

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