Monday, July 13, 2009

How to have Happy Bridesmaids

It's a classic 27 Dresses, as the "fashion show" of all the bridesmaid dresses from friends' weddings are paraded out. Unfortunately, it may have hit too close to home for some of you.

Fifty or sixty years ago, in most of America, the bride's attendants wore their "Sunday Best" to stand up with their friends. Over the years, the styles have changed, but now the brides attendants almost always wear dresses and colors chosen by them by the bride. In 1992, my own bridesmaids wore gloves, puffy sleeves, bustles, and matching hairpieces in light blue.

At September's Bride, we have a few tips for the smart bride who wants her bridesmaids to feel beautiful and comfortable while complementing the look and style she has chosen for her wedding.

1. Above all, talk to your maids about budget and financial expectations right up front. Once you've agreed on a budget, share that with us as you come shopping. We will help you find the perfect look in YOUR budget! Be sure your attendants know about any additional costs for fabric changes, alterations, shoes, etc., too.

2. The happiest attendants choose their own gowns. Really consider allowing your friends to choose their own style of dress and then matching the fabric and color to what you want. All of our bridesmaid lines can do this, and we love to help.

3. If you want your attendants to be able to "wear it again", choose :: black, brown, red, or pink. These colors are the most likely to be reused and continually enjoyed.

4. If you are going to choose the style and color, take your maid of honor or one other friend and choose for the whole group. Otherwise, you'll get lots of opinions and lots of frustration.

We do love to help you and your attendants! Why not schedule an appointment at September's Bride just to choose bridesmaid gowns; it can be lots of fun!!

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