Saturday, December 13, 2008

I love my job!

Each Saturday evening, after a week and a busy day of helping brides choose "The Gown"; I thank God for the opportunity I have to work with lovely young ladies and play dress-up all day long!

Today was another of those days. The day began with a fun appointment with a delightful young lady named Jenny and her aunt. Jenny chose a brand-new Casablanca gown that is just beautiful. A few other brides stopped in to choose bridesmaid dresses and the day ended with two more appointments, Lauren and Amanda, who also found gowns that they liked. Along the way, several of our summer 2008 brides stopped in to pickup their gowns that have been cleaned and preserved. This is a typical Saturday at September's Bride. So fun!

If you are searching for your wedding gown, let me share a few bits of advice:

1. Gowns look different on you than on the hanger or on a model in a magazine or online. They also will look different on one woman than on another. So, try on several styles! You may be surprised!

2. Don't ask "how long can I wait to order?" If you have decided on a gown, go ahead and order the gown; especially if your wedding is within a year. Then, you can move on to other fun decisions and know your gown will arrive in plenty of time for fittings, alterations, and accessories. It is much more relaxing to have your gown arrive early and be able to "visit" it than worry if it will arrive in time. (Just ask Megan & Rachel)

September's Bride...a fresh approach to formal.

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