Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Logo for Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists

My wonderful graphic designer, Melanie VandenBrink, has re-designed the logo for my cleaning, preservation, & restoration company, Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists. Now, the logo for the service company and the logo for the retail company, September's Bride, complement each other nicely! (although the design shown above is correct, the color is not, because my computer is acting squirrelly)

Speaking of Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists, we had a great day yesterday! Jackie, a bride from Chicago, came up for a fitting for her gown. Last summer, she sent me her mother's wedding gown from 1954. It was dusty, with dry, "crackly" fibers, and had turned very yellow over the years. Jackie wanted to know if we could clean, whiten, and restyle the gown for her wedding THIS summer.

While Jackie was getting fitted, another lady, Marisa, from this area, came in with her MIL's gown from 1953 AND two shirt-waists from the early 1900's for me to look at and determine if we could do a color restoration on them.

At September's Bride, I have on display several vintage wedding gowns that I have restored. I truly love working on these projects.

September's Bride (and Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists)...a fresh approach to formal!


aletha @ pearls events said...

Ooh, I like the new logo for GLWGS! :)

Anonymous said...

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